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Voodoo Mystic Magi



I am a powerful psychic and practitioner of magic.

I handcraft authentic New Orleans Voodoo Spell Kits, Voodoo Dolls, Magick Oils, Gris Gris bags and Baths from witches and hoodoo workers, handed down from generations from my family line.

There is much grace and deep truth found in the Voodoo religion and an inner strength with a deep faith that never falters. For those wanting a change in their life or unrest in their souls, the Voodoo religion may help. There are many books on the subject online or in book stores.

All my Spell Kits, Magick Oils, Voodoo Baths and Gris Gris bags are of the highest quality. They have worked for me and my clients so I know they work. When you use them your life will change in a very big way and you will have many blessings.

For more information, email me at voodooluna@gmail.com.


Why choose me?

I am a powerful psychic and practitioner of magic, and live in Louisiana a powerhouse of  deep magic and mystic. I  handcraft authentic New Orleans  voodoo spell kits, Voodoo dolls, perfume oils, Gris Gris bags and voodoo baths from very powerful recipes of past witches and root workers in my family line. Their blood runs through my veins and the realm  of magic is deep within my soul with every breath that I take.



Your Friend, D.M.

l was looking for help on website and your site came up so I talk to you about my problem rest assured thanks for helping me God put you here for reasons to help people. If anyone need help with problem Mrs. Lynn Schwab is there she listening and help so take my word pick up phone or text her she will get back with you soon mrs lynn God bless you take care.